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HSSE Management
Audex Pte Ltd affirms that Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) are key factors that determine the success and growth of our organization and hence we are committed to the protection, safety and health of all our staff and employees, as well as to the conservation of our delicate and precious environment.

It is also in our best interest to protect the plant and properties of our Company as well as our Client from any damages during the course of our work activities and operations.

To achieve our objectives and targets towards SHE, we have developed an Integrated Management System which incorporates our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, as well as our Safety, Health and Environmental Management Systems which comprises the following elements which are IMS Policy; SHE Work Practices; SHE Training; SHE Meeting; Incident Investigation and Analysis; In House Rules & Regulations; SHE Promotion; Evaluation, Selection and Control of Subcontractors; SHE Inspection; Maintenance Regime; Hazards Analysis; Control, Use and Movement of Hazardous Substances; Emergency Preparedness; Occupational Health and Environment.

Audex will continue to provide and maintain its SHE Management Systems and will comply with all legal and statutory requirements.

Most importantly, we will constantly urge all our staff and employees to perform their tasks in a safe and healthy manner in accordance with established Company and Client SHE policies, procedures, rules and regulations so as to avoid the occurrence of any incident throughout the entire duration of all our projects.

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